BIACORE 3000 - complete system with Biacore 3000 Control Software 3.2, BIAevaluation 3.2, and BIAsimulation software, on a Compaq P3, 800 mhz computer. Original purchase in 2000.


DNA med 30 bp (kompletterande tabell 1, gra A och gra B) biotinmärkades och immobiliserades på ett SA-sensorchip (BIAcore 3000-system, GE Healthcare).

Amerikanska GE Healthcare köpte bolaget i juni 2006. Företaget  Bioteknikbolaget Biacore redovisar ett resultat efter finansiella poster på 19,9 miljoner Biacore 3000 är fortfarande förtagets största produkt. av J Tuvesson · 2016 — keywords: Biacore, Monoclonal antibodies, ELISA, Vaccin, biochemistry, biokemi; language: English; id: 8895834; date added to LUP  Two Biacore 3000 protocols are developed for the kinase. (1) A DBA (Direct Binding Assay) protocol where the kinase is captured to the chip by  Under året lanserades det nya analyssystemet BIACORE 3000, som karakteriseras av förbättrad känslighet, kortare analystid och lägre provförbrukning än sina  Vi tillämpar etikett-fri analys av proteininteraktioner använda Biacore X100 Hela kopplingen förfarande bör leda till ~ 3000 RU MMTS-papain  surface plasmon resonance using a Biacore 3000 instrument. This assay allowed ranking of pilicides in classes of binders with strong, medium and low affinity  3,8 % enligt detektion med Biacore-analysen. •. Incidensen av Biacore-analysen.

Biacore 3000

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Biacore International. 12 200 Biacore International (Hälsovård). 29 700 3,000. 99 999. 1,3. LF BANK FRN 111 050711. 181 000 000.

2 Includes Windows™ operating system. Biacore 3000 Instrument, supplied by GE Healthcare, used in various techniques.

Mediante un biosensor SPR Biacore 3000, se realizan estudios de interacciones moleculares en tiempo real y el análisis de constantes cinéticas y de afinidad. Entre los usuarios se incluyen grupos de I+D del CSIC, universidades, otros centros públicos y empresas privadas.

99 999. 1,3. LF BANK FRN 111 050711.

Biacore 3000


Biacore 3000

This powerful label-free technology (no labeling of interactants is required!) can detect an Binding affinity ( K D ) values were calculated using a steady-state affinity model produced with the BIAcore 3000 analysis software . Article Snippet: Surface plasmon resonance binding Surface plasmon resonance measurements were performed using a BIAcore 3000 instrument with CM5 chips (GE Healthcare) at room temperature (25 °C). Bauer Core Biacore3000 Beginner’s Checklist This checklist is designed to help a prospective Biacore user plan his or her experiment. Answering the questions below will help guide the user as he or she thinks about he Biacore 3000 in operating condition; however, needs to be re-calibrated & re-certified.

Antihistidine antibody, 1 mg/mL in: 0.15 M NaCl, 90 µL Immobilization buffer: 10 mM sodium acetate pH 4.5, 2.6 mL Regeneration solution: 10 mM glycine-HCl, pH 1.5, 2 × 120 mL 29234602 The BIAcore 3000 system is an instrument that uses SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) technology for measuring the interaction of macromolecules with each other, and with small ligands.
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Biacore. Pharmacia(nowadays Pfizer, Amersham Biosciences and Pharmacia disorder: in 8 studies involving over 3,000 patients, 52% of the patients taking 

Facility/equipment: Equipment › Instrument Development Center. Biacore 3000. SPR analysis, which depends on surface immobilization of one of the interacting molecules, is performed on a Biacore 3000 instrument. The Biacore 2000 / 3000 is a fully automated SPR biosensor system ideal for assay development and fast and accurate routine applications like kinetic analyses  In the present protocol, a method is described that uses one such device (Biacore 3000) to study interactions between a GPCR and an intracellular interacting  Biacore 3000 The Biacore 3000 is our basic tool for exploring protein function and is useful for samples ranging from small molecules to crude extracts, lipid  Biacore 3000.

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Sensor chips for Biacore X100, Biacore 3000, and Biacore C. Product name. Description. Quantity. Product code. Application area. Sensor Chip CM5. The most 


en bindningsaffinitet uppmätt med användning av ytplasmonresonans på BIAcore 3000 instrument. b Jämviktsdissociationskonstanterna ( KD ) erhölls genom 

SPR is an optical measu… The BIAcore system (BIAcore 3000) was employed for the study. The system utilizes a heparin SPR biochip, which allows a direct quantitative analysis on  生体分子間相互作用解析システム表面プラズモン共鳴分析装置 Biacore 3000. 表面プラズモン共鳴の身近な例では、ガラス中に金のナノ粒子を分散させている   matrix effects; quantitative determination of protein preparations, antibody drugs, and anti-drug antibodies; high sensitivity (10 times higher than Biacore 3000)  GE Surface Plasmon Resonance Analyzer BIAcore-3000.

90-day warranty.